1. Is this a big company or small?

Our company has a young and diversified team, with an average age of 29 years old. Our team consists of 20 people, including 4 foreign employees  and 3 engineers with 10 years experience in electric bicycle technology. Service is provided in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian.

2.Is it a public company, private or family-owned business?

We are a private company. It was established in Ningbo by 3 partners, each with a profound experience in electric bicycles. We specialize only in electric bicycles, that makes us only more professional.

3.How long have you been in business?

We started in 2010, and have been in electric bike business for 7 years.

4.Where are you based?

Our company is located in Ningbo. For now Ningbo is the largest port in mainland China, and is only 2 ours drive from Shanghai,conveniently located. We have an office in Europe. Zero distance to the customers and Face to face communication.

5.What makes your company special?

Professionalism and efficiency. As mentioned before, we specialize only in electric bicycles and understand the product very well. According to your market, better product can be recommended to you. When dealing with after-sales problems, it generally takes only 24 hours to come up with a solution, saving everyone’s time. There is no language barrier, our employees are fluent in several languages making communication easy for everyone.

6.What are its core values?

High efficiency service. 24/7 service, will solve the problem at any time and any place. Create a solution to a problem, not avoid it

7.Why should I buy from you and not from your competitor?

If you don’t want to waste your time. If you want to minimize risk



  • Strong team including employees from different countries will provide you professional service in several languages such as English, Russian, Ukrainian and German. Barrier-free communication.
  • Quick feedback about production process to our customers, that includes procurement of raw materials, production inspection; we can send our staff to to the factory to oversee the inspection status, preventing delayed shipment.
  • 24/7 regular after-sales service. If there are any technical problems, our technical engineers can teach you how to resolve these problems through video. If necessary technical personnel will be sent abroad on-site guidance.
  • Our payment method is very flexible. It includes TT, O/A , LC etc. making your business easier.
  • Accept OEM and ODM. Small orders are accepted ensuring minimum risk to your business.
  • Pedelec on the website are of common configuration. Sample takes only 30days. If you need accessories customized by yourself, sample time is 45 -60 days.

Communication, friendly and cooperation.

—–Kocass Team

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