How To Make An electric skateboard longboard

You’ve probably seen people zipping around town like Marty McFly on back to the future, on all kinds of electric skateboard longboard recently. Electric skateboards are a fun and practical way to travel around town. Unfortunately, these cool boards can cost a pretty penny. There are a variety of very nice electric skateboards available online. If you are not handy buying an already made electric board might be your best option. However, If you have ever wondered how to make an electric longboard, keep reading to see how you can make your very own electric skateboard.

What you will need for this DIY electric skateboard longboard instructable

A Deck. If you already have a skateboard you can take the wheels off and use that. If not you can get the longboard deck only without wheels here.
Here is a video to show you how to disassemble your old longboard to just the bare deck

An electric skateboard longboard Kit. Electric Skateboard kits are what will give your old board power. You can find an electric skateboard longboard Kit here.nucbot how to make your own electric skateboard
Tools. You will need a wrench that is sized to fit the nuts on the bottom of your deck, you will also need a screwdriver or power drill(power drill makes this much easier).
How to assemble an electric skateboard.

Once you have your bare longboard deck, electric skateboard longboard kit, and tools its time to get to work.

By assembling your electric skateboard with your DIY electric skateboard kit, you will save hundreds of dollars.

Another bonus of making your own electric longboard is you can totally customize the look of your board. You can clean an old board up and paint it or add designs. Be unique. Be creative.

You can find some cool DIY electric skateboard longboard examples here.

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