electric bike china

electric bike china Ebikes are great, they allow you to ride harder and faster than god ever intended you to be able to with those skinny chicken legs of yours. What if instead of going really fast for long distances and up steep hills, you want to carry a lot of weight along with you, what would you do? I’ve traveled to about 40 countries in my life and many third world countries use the common bicycle for pretty much anything you can possibly imagine. I’ve seen bicycles with full-grown pigs in cages on them, tricycles carrying a 15-foot high pile of cardboard, bicycles with dozens of live chickens hanging off the back. If you can imagine it, some poor guy in some third world country has already done it. The only way to carry a heavy load on a human powered bicycle is to gear it way down so that you’re crawling around at what amounts to a fast walking speed. If you want to carry very heavy loads on an ebike, then you’ll need the following :

electric bike china

  • A powerful mid-drive motor that will be able to pull the weight
  • Gearing system to gear way down for hills so you don’t blow the motor
  • A sturdy frame that will be able to support the extra weight without breaking

The Luna cargo truck has all three of these attributes and is really fun to ride on top of all that.electric bike china

When I spent a couple weeks in LA with the crew from Lunacycle last fall, and the Luna Cargo truck was one of our go-to bikes for almost every outing. We’d meet up at the shop and then just start tying everything we had to the Cargo truck with tie downs. We’d throw on extra batteries, drones, backpacks and cameras on both the front rack and the rear. It was pretty amazing how much crap we could pile on this ebike without it ever complaining. When the 60 lb Apocolypse Luna scooter would run out of juice we just tied it on the back and carried 200+ lb Josh on the rear as well as the scooter for many miles back to the car. When we were shooting video with it in the back yard of the school we decided to pile 3 people on it (over 600lbs) and tool around the lawn with it. I totally expected the bike to self-destruct at any moment, but it seemed like anything we could throw at this ebike, it could take.electric bike china

The Luna cargo truck is made out of steel in the USA by cycletrucks.com . You can order this cargo bike from them directly for about $1299 plus tax and shipping (On the cycletrucks.com website is called the Sport Utility Bike). Although you can buy this ebike from Lunacycle with either the BBS02 or the BBSHD I would highly recommend the BBSHD. The BBS02 can have some issues if you ride it hard with full throttle for extended periods. If you load this bike up with over 600lbs of stuff and go up a big hill then you’re going to be leaning on the throttle pretty hard. It makes a lot more sense to pony up the extra $200 for the BBSHD and have an ebike that you can thrash on with total impunity. You can peg the throttle on the BBSHD all the way down and dump 1500W into this drive unit all day long without burning out the motor. Although I’ve burned out 2 nylon gears running the BBSHD with 60+ amps, the stock 30 amp drive unit is rock solid and should be able to tow anything you need it to (including Eric’s 4000lb ‘midlife crisis’ Audi R8).electric bike china

Here is three of us riding around like a bunch of hooligans with the cargo truck and using the drone to shoot video. It was every bit as much fun as it looks. So much fun that I expected the cops to come and lock us away at any moment.electric bike china

The Luna Cargo truck comes stock with the 13.5 Ah 52v GA shark pack which has become my pack of choice whenever I’m running an ebike at 30 Amps or less. I’ve had my 52v shark pack for over a year, used it hundreds of times with very few issues. I managed to mangle the plastic case and break a few of the holding tabs off it after a couple of spectacular wipeouts, but Luna replaced the case for me free of charge. That being said you can save a few dollars by buying a shark pack off Alibaba or ebay, but before you do just do a search for “Lithium Pack House Fire” and see all the people that have had their houses burn down from cheap Chinese 18650 cells. When buying from unreputable Chinese vendors you never know what the heck you’re going to get. If you do buy cheap Chinese packs, then make sure to charge them inside your woodstove or in someone else’s garage that you don’t like that much. Ebike battery safety is no joke and if you take it lightly then you almost certainly will get burned. Those Chinese don’t give a rat’s ass about whether or not your house burns down, all they care about is more money in their pockets. I would hazard to guess that a LARGE number of Chinese pack sellers are moving counterfeit packs into the US with relative impunity. You should be afraid, be very afraid. If you think that it will never happen to you, you’re just plain wrong. The question you have to ask yourself is that $100 you’re going to save worth burning your house down for?electric bike china

Treat your ebike battery with as much respect as you would treat a 1-gallon container of gasoline in a plastic milk jug and you should be fine.