Its a drag as DT Swiss downplays tubulars


Traditionalists may wince, but DT Swiss is moving away from tubular

tires based on recent wind tunnel tests that show clinchers are more aerodynamic.


That’s why DT Swiss is making Its new Road Revolution series of performance road wheels available only in clincher versions.electric bikes for sale

Road Revolution is the moniker that DT Swiss uses for three new performance road models it is showing at Eurobike.electric bikes for sale

The PRC series, for triathletes and time trislists, is optimized for narrow 23mm tires and comes with three different rim profiles with depths of 80 mm. 62mm or 48mm.electric bikes for sale

The PRC series, an all-around performance wheel for mass-start races, has been optimized for tires with widths of 25mm to 28mm – pretty much the norm in the pro peloton nowadays. These wheels come with depths of 65mm or 35mm.electric bikes for sale

The ARC and PRC Series are both available for rim or disc brakes, and for either quick release or thru-axles.electric bikes for sale

Finally, the disc-only ERC series is aimed at increasingly popular endurance and gravel bikes. Rim profiles have been optimized for tires widths of 28mm to 32mm.electric bikes for sale

DT Swiss, which started making spokes and then hubs, is now one of the industry’s biggest producers of high- – quality wheels. But because it is a relative newcomer to producing road bike rims, it sought technical help engineering rims that would work well with recent trends toward wider tires and disc brakes.electric bikes for sale

To develop the Road Revolution series, DT Swiss worked closely with Swiss Side, a company that has been focused on triathlon products. More important, the principals of Swiss Side have a combined 50 years of experience in aerodynamics. Company founder Jean-Paul Ballard spent more than a dozen years with the Formula l team Sauer.

DT Swiss and Swiss Side Set Out to develop next-generation, aerodynamic road bike wheels that could cut through air, Save precious Watts and thereby deliver real-world advantages to ambitious cyclists with the dough to spend on high-end carbon wheels.electric bikes for sale

That required Countless hours in a Wind tunnel. DT Swiss and Swiss Side turned to GST, which owns a Wind tunnel in Immenstaad, just a couple of kilometers from Friedrichshafen.

The GST Wind tunnel boasts an accuracy Of plus Or minus 0.2 watts, which is more precise than most Competitors. In addition to measuring translational aerodynamic drag and the Sailing effect, the engineers were able to measure Steering momentum at different yaw angles – another measurement that is relevant for riding quality.electric bikes for sale

DT Swiss and Swiss Side also created a proprietary method for testing rotational drag. That test was to determine the effect of hidden nipples, bladed spokes and long valve stems on overall wheel aerodynamics.electric bikes for sale

Ballard Said rotational drag accounts for about a quarter of a wheel’s Overall drag.

Based on the extensive tests, Ballard predicts that the days of tubular tires are numbered: With their rounded shape, they do not allow for an airflow as Smooth as With a clincher tire on a rim With the corresponding width.electric bikes for sale