Welcome to the 25th anniversary edition of Eurobike. Show organizers plan to commemorate Eurobike’s history on Thursday night, before the Eurobike Party (see page 18 for the story of Eurobike’s founding and priceless photos of the first show in 1991.)

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But anyone who has been to Eurobike Will immediately recognize that this year’s show is much more about the future than the past.

Eurobike, in fact, is ushering in some of the most Sweeping changes in its history, Eurobike head Stefan Reisinger Said.(electric assist bike)

“I think this is the biggest change Since We moved to the new fairgrounds in 2002,” he said. “When you come you will notice how much it has changed.”

Roughly half of Eurobike’s exhibitors have been uprooted – Some from long-Standing booth locations – and moved to new halls or new booth Spaces.(electric assist bike)

Instead of hosting a Stand-alone demo day, Eurobike is integrating test rides into the main show. Some 3,000 bikes are available to demo, With test tracks Starting between and behind the B halls.

The biggest transformation – and the driver of all other changes – is Eurobike’s decision to expand its Single Consumer day into a full-fledged COn Sumer festival that Will run through the Weekend.

Called the Eurobike Festival Days,the consumer event Will feature a full schedule of live music and Other events.

Reisinger said Eurobike Organizers have invested heavily in Festival Days, bringing in big-name musicians and marketing it extensively throughout Europe.(electric assist bike)

He is hoping to attract 35,000 consumers over the Weekend, Compared With the 18,000 to 20,000 that usually attend consumer day.(electric assist bike)

In the past, Reisinger said, the consumer day was more of an after thought. “It was just kind of opening the doors On the last day and letting everybody in.”

Not this year. “It is not Only adding a Second day, but it is the first time that We invested a lot of Work and money in putting together a huge program for the big festival,” he added.(electric assist bike)

Once Eurobike Committed to doing the Festival Days, it Set in motion a long chain of

events that has affected just about every exhibitor.(electric assist bike)

For example, Eurobike had to revamp

the Way it allocated booth space. Ab Out 15 percent of exhibitors do business Only within the industry and don’t deal directly With Consumers. Eurobike offered these exhibitors a three-day package So they could exhibit Only during the trade days. They will move out Friday after the trade part of the Show ends.(electric assist bike)

But Eurobike didn’t Want consumers to walk through halls that had big gaps left behind by the missing business-to-business exhibitors. So it shifted all of the three-day exhibitors to Hall Al and the Zeppelin Hall, which will be closed during Festival Days. Before the Staff was finished moving these puzzle pieces around, half of the show’s exhibitors had been affected.(electric assist bike)

Reisinger believes Festival Days can attract some of the big brands that have pulled out of Eurobike in recent years, Such as Specialized, Cube, Trek, and Derby Cycle.(electric assist bike)

Many host their Own mini-trade Shows for retailers, but Reisinger said it’s a lot harder to reach Consumers.

“I think the festival is a big opportunity for us to get some of these brands back to Eurobike,” he said. “The big brands are very keen On getting in touch with their customers.Companies like Cube, Specialized and Trek are successful at running their Own B2B events, but they still need to approach the end consumer.”(electric assist bike)