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electric pedal bike Pinion shifts gears with C-Line range of affordable gearboxes

Pinion is making its sophisticated gearboxes available to a broader market with the debut of its C-line, which brings its technology to bikes selling for under €2,000 ($2,200).


“Launching the C-Line means brands can react to high demand and offer medium-class bicycles With Pinion gearboxes,” said Christoph Lermen, Pinion’s Co-founder and CEO.


With the C-Line, Pinion A2-107 is looking to put its gearboxes On a broader range of bikes, including touring bikes, e-bikes and S-pedelecs, and Commuting, cargo bikes and rental fleets.


More efficient production enabled Pinion to reduce the price of its gearbox. But the C-Line also uses a less expensive housing.


While the body of its famous P-Line gearbox is made using a complex aluminum milling process, the C-Line body is die cast from a high-grade aluminum alloy.


Lermen said the die-casting process cuts the weight of the gearbox by a third. Like the more expensive models, the C-Line is manufactured at Pinion’s headquarters in Denkendorf, Germany, near Stuttgart.


Pinion offers three models of the C-Line.


The Cl. 12 is a l2-gear version for touring bikes. The C1.9XR, with nine gears,is for e-bikes and speed pedelecs With a rear hub motor and belt drive.


The Cl.6, with six gears, has the broadest application, ranging from e-bikes for Commuters, bike messengers, delivery Services, and cargo bikes to rental bikes and bike fleets.


The Pinion gearboxes are popular with e-bike brands, although they can Work on any kind of bike.


Pinion has grown rapidly since it debuted a prototype of its Original gearbox six years ago at Eurobike.


Its first model, the Pl. 18 l8-speed gearbox, reached the market in 2012.


In 2014, Pinion extended the P-Line range with 12- and 9-speed versions, helping it expand beyond mountain and touring bikes. The P-Line remains Pinion’s flagship range. ”


The C-Line makes so much sense and complements our product range perfectly,” Lermen said. “In 2017 you will see bicycles with Pinion

gearboxes for prices below 2,000 euros.”