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e bike kaufen A new icon? Brompton electrifies its classic folder


It’s taken 10 years of stops and starts, but folding bike icon Brompton is

finally launching its first electric folder.e bike kaufen


For Brompton A2-308 the Brompton Electric is not just another model; to produce it, the company moved to a new factory in the London Suburb of Greenford. Its former factory had one production line; the Greenford plant has three, With two for Conventional bikes and One for the e-bike(e bike kaufen), and it has room to grow.

Will Butler-Adams, Brompton’s managing director, believes the Brompton Electric can revive cycling in Cities.

“Across mainland Europe, e-bike Ownership is growing, encouraging more people to cycle more often,” he said, “but Sales in cities remain behind the trend, due to the lack of portable and Safe-toStore Options. The Brompton Electric is a game-changer.”

Brompton initially will sell the e-bike only in the U.K. beginning in early 2018, but Butler-Adams said it will begin exports as soon as possible.

“We export nearly 80 percent of Our bikes to 44 countries; export has always been part of Our plans but we are not rushing into it,” he said. “Launch will follow in selected European markets with timings dependent on the Scale of the initial demand in the U.K.”e bike kaufen

Outwardly, the new bike retains the classic lines of the Conventional Brompton e bike kaufen, with Compact l6-inch wheels.But it wasn’t just a matter of bolting On a drive system. Many components had to be redesigned or changed entirely.e bike kaufen

“Many of the frame components have been altered to accommodate the extra Wiring needed for the electrical System, to With Stand the extra loads Created by the hub motor and to surpass the Stringent safety standards for electric bicycles,” Butler-Adams said. “At the same time the components of the electrical system, such as the battery and hub motor, have been honed to minimize their size and weight.”e bike kaufen

The Brompton Electric weighs 13.4kg (29.5 lbs) without the 300Wh battery, which is housed in a removable bag that is meant to be carried separately. Brompton claims a range of 40 to 60km (25 to 37 miles) on a charge. Like its Conventional sibling, the e-bike folds Small enough to Stow under a desk or in the trunk of a Car.

Unlike other folding bike makers, Brompton didn’t use an off-the-shelf motor System. One reason for its long gestation was finding the right partner to develop the drive System.

“We started development in 2007 with limited resources,” Butler-Adams said, “but when we did not find the right partners to meet the high expectation of our customers, the project was stopped.”

The project gained new life in 2014 When Butler-Adams met with Patrick Head, then engineering director a Williams Advanced Engineering Williams designs engines for Formula race cars and worked with Brompton on a System that would fit the bikes unique requirement.e bike kaufen

The front hub motor or has three assistance levels and torque and Cadence Sensors. Riders use a Smart phone app to adjust the drive settings and log rides. A USB power port charges their devices.e bike kaufen