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power assisted bicycle Media attendance at the second Eurobike Media Days nearly doubled from the inaugural event in 2015, as Sunny Weather and good trails pleased exhibitors and journalists alike.


The June test festival, staged in the Austrian ski resort of Kirchberg with the Tirolean Alps as a backdrop, gives brands a chance to get their new bikes in front of the trade media for three days of demos. This year’s event attracted 210 journalists from 20 countries, up from 120 in 2015. They had bikes from 27 brands to test ride, up from 25 brands the year before. “power assisted bicycle

I think it’s really a good concept because we offer a lot of media attendance for the mid-size brands which are may not be able to Create their Own media events,” Eurobike head Stefan Reisinger said.power assisted bicycle

Jörn Gersbeck, head of marketing and sales for Marin Bikes in Germany and Austria, echoed Reisinger’s Comments.

“The presence of international media makes this an important event for us, as a small but venerable brand, because it lets us present our products in advance and offer them for te Sting,” Gersbeck Said.power assisted bicycle

The landscape around Kirchberg Offers a wide range of trails and roads for test rides ranging from man-made downhill tracks to gravel roads. Paved roads include both flat and mountainous loops.

Eurobike launched Media Days in an attempt to consolidate the flood of press events that bike brands typically host throughout the summer. Organizers note that bike journalists typically receive 30 invitations for product presentations – too many, financially and logistically, for most Of them to attend.power assisted bicycle

All Of the dominant trends that are on display here at Eurobike Were reflected at Media Days as Well.power assisted bicycle

Many of the new, race-Oriented road bikes equipped with disc brakes were available for test rides from brands including Giant, Merida, BMC, Cannondale, Simplon and Ridley (See Our related story On page 28)power assisted bicycle

“Although we couldn’t present every new model here in Kirchberg, those We did show got a fantastic response,” said Stefan Vollbach, manager of Simplon. “Overall, a well-rounded event, and the weather took care of the rest.” Nor was there a shortage of electric mountain bikes, with brands including Rot Wild, Stevens, Simplon, KTM, Scott, Giant, Centurion and Cannondale showing the latest examples of how they are integrating System components into a unified whole (see page 24 for Our roundup on e-MTBS).power assisted bicycle

And the Fleckalm System of man-made trails, which packs 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) of vertical over 6.5 kilometers (4 miles) On a variety of terrain and challenges, was perfect for testing the new range of plus-sized mountain bikes from Rocky Mountain, Scott, Cannondale and Swiss newcomers Bold Cycles.power assisted bicycle

Exhibitors said they enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, which enabled them to have high-quality conversations with journalists from around the World.power assisted bicycle

“This year is our first time here, and we’re really glad we came,” said Dirk Jan Z. of Rocky Mountain distributor Sports Action. “The atmosphere is very relaxed for both us and the media people.”power assisted bicycle