Project Description

2017 small electric longboard with excellent price


Model: SK5
Motor type: High performance Waterproof Hub motor
Product Dimension(mm): 910*230*115
Net weight (KG): 6.8 KG
Package Dimension (mm): 920*250*150
Wheel type: PU 80AA
Wheel size(mm): 80*52mm
Truck size(inch): 7 inch
Deck Material: 7 ply Canadian maple wood
Max load Capacity(KG): 100KG
Max speed(KM/H): 30-35KM/H 
Grade ability(%): 30%
Battery type: 5C/10C Lithium battery pack optional
Standard voltage(V): 36V
Capacity of battery(Ah): 4Ah
Max driving distance(KM): 15-20KM
Type of motor: Brushless DC motor with Hall 
Rated power(W): Dual 800W
Max speed(rpm): 2200rpm
Rate voltage(V): 36V
Input voltage(V): 42V
Output current(A): 2A
Charging time(H): 2H
Remote control: 2.4G wireless technology
Drive type: Double hub motor Rear Driving
Brake type: E-ABS

What makes Small electric longboard  SK5 different?

  • Is it the fastest? No
  • Is it the most powerful? No
  • Does it have the best range? No
  • Is the technology out of this world? No
  • Does it offer exceptional value? Yes

We wanted to build a board we would love to ride, but also a board we could afford. SK5 delivers a fantastic ride, at an excellent price.


From the trucks, to motors, batteries and control boards, every piece of the SK5 board went through countless revisions to strengthen and fine tune. Our maple/bamboo deck was designed with a high level of flex ( a  boards  natural suspension) to deliver a smooth cruising experience. After over years of development, we are extremely pleased with what SK5 has become today.  Components and parts are readily available and have been designed as user replaceable to ensure your board is always rocking.


This was the driving factor that kept us focused while creating SK5. There was yet to be a quality board available at an affordable price. We kept our team small, our overhead low. Removed unnecessary and cost bloating features such as flashy lights, gimmicky apps, and carbon fiber decks. We kept the design pure and crafted an exceptional riding experience.

Highly Weather Resistant

A board that couldn’t handle a little water, or a mid-day shower didn’t really work for us. For this reason, we sealed the motors inside the wheels and sealed up all the edges. You won’t want to take your board swimming, but it CAN handle a lot. We battle tested the SK5 board in the harsh conditions of Canada/USA/Sweden taking on puddles, slush, and even snow. Similar though to a regular skateboard, if you do get your components wet, you will want to dry them off when you are done riding to avoid rust and damaging bearings 😉

Q. If I am outside of my warranty period, can I still get parts?

A. No…jk. Of course you can 🙂

We already have a readily available stock of parts if a series of unfortunate events happens to your board.

Q. What happens if I run out of battery?

A. You ride it like a skateboard; kick.

Because of our In-Hub motor design, there are no belts slowing the drive wheels down.  There is no noticeable drag from the wheels.  If you’re REALLY against riding it like a regular board, take a coffee break and with the 45 minute quick charger you’re right back to it.

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