electric motors for bicycles,HESC Gaining Traction in Europe


Despite Volatile Business Climate, Plans for Vietnam Plant Move Ahead

HESC Gaining Traction in Europe


The business environment surrounding Taiwanese makers has changed rapidly since the beginning of this year. Haven’t been any changes in its plan to construct a new plant in Vietnam? And how is its promotion for HESC, a power unit for e-bikes, going on after having launched in the European market four years ago? Here we look at SR suntour’s recent situation.electric motors for bicycles



SR Suntour laid the foundations for its new plant in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, at the end of last year. One of key factors behind the advance into Vietnam was the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, which has been thrown into uncertaint) T as a key issue in the US presidential election. The company says that it originally planned to build a Vietnam plant as a supply base for the ASEAN region, so there will be no changes in its plan, but it’s also true that the construction pace is now required to make a slight adj ustment.electric motors for bicycles



Since the beginning of this year the industry situation has changed abruptl and theres been a decrease in the number of additional orders. Because of that, SR decided to slow the pace of development of the Viemam plant, and the company is looking into making changes in the scale and content that it had originally planned. At it plants in Shenzhen, Kunshan and Taiwan, orders have fallen off to the point where they are now delivering shipments within the normal leac time of 60 days, so the company na longer needs to rush on building the Vietnam plant, and it can move forward at a more normal pace. And yet, the company intends to start test production by late autumn of this year and to get into full operation in the spring of 2017. To do that, the plan is to bring in cutting-edge, sophisticated machinery and fully automated precision equipment, and get everything in place before the end of the year. The firm hopes to boost efficiency and labor-saving capabilities, and create a modern, futuristic factory. When the plant goes mto production m hscal 201’/, bK plans to mitrally produce 300, 000 suspension forks and 250, 000 sets of gear cranks a month. The company plans to start off with 200 employees, but eventually increase that to 400 people as the pace picks up.electric motors for bicycles


The companyk”HESC”power units, which comprise front and rear motors, are being shipped to Europe where other leading brands such as Bosch, Brose, Yamaha and Shimano compete with center motors. The shipment is still relatively small but the company is getting a positive response from buyers. President Daisuke Kobajrashi said,”Since Europe is our principal market, we’re focusing most right now on achieving broader penetration of the electric bike market. This year is a prime opportunity for us to put time into building up our supply system with the HESC.”But in Japan where the regulations are stricter than Europe, the company finds it very difficult to set its product apart and to penetrate a market dominated by strong brands, and is now trying to seek a way of breakthrough.