For 2018, Bosch is updating their Active Line motor and supplementing it with an Active Line Plus model. They still offer the Performance Line, Performance Line Speed, and Performance Line CX for trail and mountain riding as well. Going through these different motor systems, we step from 100 RPM 40 Newton meter torque with the Active, up to 105 RPM 50 Nm, 120 RPM 63 Nm (for both Performance Line and Speed), and end with 120 RPM 75 Nm on the CX. The two new Active motors are designed to be 20% smaller and roughly 1.5 lbs lighter weight. This makes them a good option for efficient urban or city bikes and should cut down on cost a bit.

So the new 2018 Bosch Active Line motor weighs ~6.1 lbs and the Active Line Plus is closer to 7 lbs while the original Performance Line models are still ~8.8 lbs. Power for these two motors is up to 250% and 270% relative to pedal input, respectively. These two motors would be ideal for urban mobility and should use battery power more slowly and efficiently. For those who want to go extra far, Bosch has a dual-battery adapter which works with two downtube batteries or even one downtube with one rack battery.

Later on, we talked about eShift which supports automatic shifting or just electronic shifting and will support NuVinci CVT, Rohloff internally geared hub, and Shimano Di2 electronic shifting. These systems can be controlled directly through the Bosch button pad interface which keeps the cockpit clean and simple. Speaking of clean, Bosch is preparing to bring their PowerTube batteries to North America in mid-2018 (at dealers in Summer of 2018). I got to see their prototype on display and was told that it can mount up into the downtube, down into the downtube, or even from the side depending on how the manufacturer sets it up. This will allow for many new frame designs and more low-step wave models. Bosch is a leader in North America in service, they partnered with Magura and have a wide range of service centers that can help with maintenance or replacement. Jonathan from Bosch explained that they have a 7 or 8 year support commitment to each of their products. Bosch is currently UL testing their new PowerTube batteries to certify that they are safe. That’s part of why it is slightly delayed coming from Europe. For this interview I was speaking with Claudia Wasko and Jonathan Weinert from Bosch along with Chris Nolte from Propel Bikes in Brooklyn, NY.

You can learn more about the company at their official website: