Proper care of your electric motorbike battery can make you get the best out of your bike. Although batteries are not that expensive, it can be quite expensive to purchase a new battery over and over again just to keep your bike running. Here are the tip top tips you should do to keep your battery in good running condition:

1. Keep it fully charged

Make sure you charge your bike battery in accordance with its manufacturer's recommendations. The charging instructions and recommendations are clearly printed on the battery itself, or with the manual or inset of the battery when you buy it.

Battery should always be charged after use and you should never drain the power of the battery down, this can shorten its life. You can also purchase a spare battery, so you would have something to use while charging the other one.

Also, you can unplug the battery when you're not using your electric motorbike.

2. Keep the Motorbike in a cool dry place

Keep your bike out from extreme cold and harmful heat from the sun, and keep it out of the rain as much as possible. Keep the battery charged-up and unplug it from the bike if you do not wish to use it more often.

3. Battery Care

Keep the terminals of your electric motorbike battery greased and ready to hooked up, this will allow you to put and remove connections easily. Also, grease will keep the terminals from corrosion. Rusty terminals are dangerous for both the battery and your bike, as it can affect the performance and cause connections to get loose, which can cause battery failure in the long run.

Always wipe the battery down with a clean damp cloth. Make sure you keep it away from rain or harsh weather condition, especially during hot summer and extreme cold of winter.

Batteries have their particular life expectancy, and if you take good care of it, it can last for long years of repeated charging. You can even extend the expected life of your battery if you take good care of it.

If your battery is not working the way it should finish the maintaining and maintenance you make, then there could be something wrong with it, or ir could be defective. Make sure you keep your receipt to have the product replaced for another one.

Remember that you can not do half the job by just cleaning and wiping the body, engine and chassis of your motorbike. You should take good care of all its parts to keep it in best shape for good and worry-free driving.


Source by Edwin E Sinsona