With rising energy prices and increasing awareness of global warming and it's impact on our environment, consumers are looking for cheaper, greener forms of alternative transportation. Unfortunately, their choices are limited to a handy pricey hybrid vehicles that are far too expensive, or electric cars that are disabled for meeting their daily transportation needs. With affordable and efficient vehicle technology years away, consumers are considering a new option for short trips and commutes: electric bicycles and scooters.

Last year, over 21 million electric bikes were sold in China alone. Although the Western World is still far behind, a new trend is emerging in Europe and the US as consumers look for more affordable, greener ways to get around town. With ranges of 10 to 40 miles per charge (depending on the bicycle model and technology), electric bikes and scooters provide consumers with an excellent eco-friendly alternative that can help them save on fuel costs without emitting harmful CO2 emissions.

At just pennies per charge, the savings can be fundamental by riding just a couple miles per day. And considering most people live less than 20 miles from their workplace, an electric bike is a great solution for reducing transportation costs. Not to mention they make no sound, release no smelly exhaust and are a breeze for almost anyone to operate. Pedal just like a normal bike, use power to assist or run on 100% electric power and do not pedal at all. Entry level bikes cost just $ 599, while upper-end models run $ 2000 + with top of the line Li-Ion batteries.

Electric bicycles and scooters are great for people of all ages. They're perfect for college campuses, getting around the city or going to-and-from work. Plus, there's no need to worry about being sweaty or exhausted when you arrive at your destination. Baby-boomers have been especially fond of these new products which allow them to get outside and be active again.


Source by Jeremy Panizzoli