Fixie bikes may seem unappealing to many bikers. This bike does take a while to get accustomed to when you've been using a free-wheel type all your life. But there are those who love its simplicity in riding and maintenance. It also has features and functions that satisfy needs and preferences of other bikers.

This type of bike can be considered as the most basic of all – two wheels powered by pedals, a handlebar, and a seat. It is, in fact, the first bike in history before the derailleur was introduced in the 1800s. It is a single-speed transport that does not have any ability to coast, as the wheels will not budge until you use the pedals. This is why there are not a few who do not even consider riding this bike. It does take some amount of patience to ride a fixie, but once you get used to it, you'll also love its simple operation and maintenance. You will not have to think which gear to use, and you will not have a lot of parts to clean and maintain.

For those who'd like to have a good workout through cycling, this single-gear transport is something you should consider. You have to keep pedaling to move and can not afford to rest. You also will not have any gears to help you when going uphill. And for the purists, this bike will give you a really good feel of the road's surface. It also performs well in bad weather conditions.

There are different categories of fixie bikes. The track bike is the one that cyclists use in a velodrome. The distinct feature of a track bike compared to other bikes with a fixed gear is the absence of brakes. However, road bikes that have fixed gears do have brakes. Mountain bikes also have fixed-gear versions. Those who have an old multi-speed bike stashed in their garage, sometimes have it converted to a fixed gear.

When starting to ride a bike of this type, you need to be aware of the dangers you may encounter. It's possible for you to be hit by the pedal while riding this bike. Remember that while the wheels are moving, the pedals continue to be in motion. Be sure you use toe clips and straps that will help keep your feet from getting off the pedals incidentally. Advanced riders, however, prefer to ride without the clips and straps. But still, doing this should be done with caution even for those who are very used to ride a fixie.


Source by Kimberly Wolfe