An electric scooter or an electric motorcycle is a plug in electric vehicle that has two to three wheels and is also powered by electricity. The electricity is made to store on the board with the help of a rechargeable battery. This battery helps in driving the electric motor and in turn helps the scooter to move.

The power source of electric scooters

Most of the electric scooters these days are powered with the help of rechargeable lithium ion batteries. However there are some early period models that use batteries made of nickel- metal hydride.

Charging of the scooter

The charging of all electric scooters and motorcycles is provided by plugging into the wall outlets that are the most ordinary. It usually takes around eight hours to recharge it. Some of the manufacturers have also designed and include the high power CHAdeMO level 2 charger as an important accessory. This can help in charging all the batteries up at least 95 per cent in a single hour.

The battery swapping

Most of the prominent manufacturers have also designed the important machines that help in swapping the batteries as quickly as possible. For various apartment dwellers who might not have a good garage outlet or are always on the go, this battery swapping can be very helpful.


Hybrid scooters are also very prominent these days. All he leading manufacturers in this market are coming out with hybrid scooters that will surely help them in the long run. These hybrid scooters are also fuel efficient and that is a very good thing for the customers.


The gasoline and electric powered motorcycles and scooters of the same weight and size are roughly comparable in their performance. In the August of 2013, the Road and Track had evaluated a very high end motorcycle that was as faster as possible as and also better in handling than any of the conventional powered bike. The electric machines have an acceleration of at least 60 which is a very good number.

The Range

The range of the electric scooters can sometimes be at a disadvantage as far as its range is concerned. Since all the batteries cannot exactly store as much as energy as a tank of gas, the range naturally becomes very less. Anything that is over the range of 130 miles is considered as a very long range and this is what makes it disadvantageous.


Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna