If you are watching the Tour de France and you are wondering why their bikes look differently than yours it may be because they are using carbon fiber road bikes and you are probably using aluminum ones. There's nothing wrong with an aluminum bike. They are very affordable, they work and you can get a lot of use out of them. But here are a few reasons why you want to go with a carbon fiber cycle instead:

1. Weight: In some cases a carbon fiber road bike weighs half as much as an aluminum ones. That may not seem like a lot but consider how much of a hassle it is for you to load the bike in a car or on a bus and especially when you have to carry it up the stairs. What if you ride your bike to work? The heavier the cycle the harder it is to bring into the office with you if there are not any safe places to store it outside. The lighter the cycle the easier it is for you to transport it.

2. Durability: It may be hard to imagine but you actually get more durability out of a carbon fiber road bike than you would an aluminum one. This seems like a crazy statement because heavy usually means more durable but not in this case. Think about it this way, if you watch the Tour de France you notice those racers beating the bikes they are on, pushing up hills, putting all their weight into the frames for hours on end. Think of the pressure those cycles go through in a single race and they hold up without an issue. If a Tour De France racer were to use aluminum one it would break on him within an hour.

3. Better experience: One of the reasons people want to get on cycles is to start having fun on the weekends in a completely different way. Rather than driving to work or when you go out somewhere a bike can give you a quicker route because you will not be stuck in traffic, it is a great form of exercise and you get to check out local parks and scenic areas in a completely different way. Some people even load up their car and drive for a couple of hours just so they can ride their bike in new areas and take in all that it has to offer. Biking is not a hobby it is a way of life.

Yes you will be paying more for a carbon fiber cycle than a standard one but you get what you pay for in this case. If you plan on using the bike often and you need to transport it a lot, either in your car or by carrying it yourself then you will be very happy that you went with a carbon fiber road bike rather than the standard ones. Ask anyone who has been on both and they will tell you the significance of the difference. You may not be in the Tour de France next year but it's still OK to have the best equipment you can.


Source by James E Fusco