Most of us may have commercial interests while buying or using electric mopeds but for children, electric bikes are nothing less than a luxury. The concept of electric bicycle has been made exclusively for children. The standard age for children to ride the gas / electric scooters is 8 years. However, the age may vary according to the child's weight and maturity level.

Remember that children should always be closely monitored and supervised by a responsible adult at all times, and children should always wear protective gear such as helmets, knee pads and elbow pads when riding. 'Children of today will always be more confident and capable that children of yesterday,' goes a general saying. It holds ground, but still there has to be a line which needs to be drawn in terms of the age of a child who is capable for vehicle usage.

However convenient it may look, children below 8 years should never be allowed to ride electric mopeds or gas scooters, leave alone conventional bikes and mopeds.

The Concept of Electric Bicycles

For children above 8 years, electric bicycles are the best option to start with. It also helps to understand and master other forms of vehicles. Electric bikes are nothing but bicycles which use an electric motor. The motor is used to power the vehicle or to assist the riders with pedaling. Children above 8 years of age should start under strict supervision of their parents or at least someone who can keep an eye on their movement and help them if required.

Electric bicycles or bicycles in general were actually devised keeping children in mind but later the concept of cycling became omnipresent (as cycling went into books talking of fitness and even in general health magazines).

Children are generally very keen to compete against peers and they see bicycling and riding bikes as a means of competition so parents are requested to see that their children understand the importance of best practice in safety. The best way is to talk with them explaining safety measures with proper reason so that the child in question easily understands all the fuss going on. Still, be strict if your child insists on a certain style of thrill while riding or if he or she wants to wander on traffic laden roads.

Children are like wet cement, so as parents make sure you use safety gears as they tend to follow what they see. Rather than conventional vehicles or electric scooters, children should go for electric bicycles at least before entering their late teenage years.


Source by Dharmendar Kumar