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E-bike Conversion Kit – Lekkie Bafang DIY KIT

SIMILAR BAFANG 1000w KIT : MUST GET SHIFT SENSOR: We just bought a few Lekkie ebike kits and this is how to install them. The Lekkie E-bike Kit is basically a bafang kit with a few extras. The ebike is one of the best diy kits we have seen and rides beautifully. The tools you

May 2018

Pros And Cons Of Getting VOIP Right Now

[ad_1] You have a telephone, right? You have a computer, right? You want to save money, right? BAM, you are a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) candidate. It is inevitable that VOIP will replace traditional telephone service at some point. The only question is when should you jump in? VOIP is quickly becoming more reliable

Pimped Up E-Bike Drives Like A Car

SPORTS enthusiast has developed the first all weather, four-wheel e-bike that looks exactly like a miniature car. Design engineer Mikael Kjellman produced the crazy PodRide vehicle in Sweden with the basic idea of creating a weather protected and more comfortable bicycle. Making use of an electric motor, this road-legal e-bicycle car can travel long distances

BionX Special Edition 48v Electric Bike Kit

As of 2012 - Kits ship with Silver motor and battery. The new BionX special edition electric bike kit is now in stock and I thought you'd like to see us open the first box. The BionX SL XL kit is lighter and better looking than ever. source