Safety should always be a priority for any road-user, and that of course includes cyclists. While there are many safety tips that we can offer you, the single most important way to improve your safety is to make sure that other users are able to see you, by using high visibility gear.

One of the easiest ways to increase your visibility is to wear reflectve strips on your clothing and also place them on your bike. These will reflect the light given off by car headlamps and make it easier for drivers to see you. Those strips that clip to your trousers are particularly effective, as seen from behind that bob up and down, which is sure to make you more aware to drivers. Some big advantages of reflective strips include that do not need batteries, that they are reliably cheap, and that there is little risk of them being stolen. However, one thing to remember is that you should periodically give your reflective get strips a quick wipe, as they will not reflect much light if covered with dirt.

You should also consider getting a reflective Sam Browne belt (a belt which goes round you waist but has a diagonal strap that goes over your shoulder). Worn on top of clothing, this greatly increases your visibility! If you carry a rucksack however, this will obscure part of the belt, so in this case you might stick some reflective strips on the back of your racksack.

Finally, one last place to add visibility to, is your helmet. This is important as if cycling through stationary or slow-moving cars, your head may well be the only part of you that is even potentially visible. Choosing a light-colored helmet will certainly make you more noticeable, but for extra visibility you could either get a reflective band that goes around your helmet, or get small LED lights that attach to your helmet.


Source by Sunil Tanna