It is a matter of observation but you will realize that kids are these pretty smart these days. They know a lot of tricks and learn things rather quickly from each other.

Couple of days back I saw a few kids who I actually thought were rather rash on their Mongoose BMX bikes. The group was parked outside in a parking lot of a vacant building and what seemed to go on was a discussion, which I initially thought was a secret meeting.

When I focused on their conversation it turned out to be an initiation ceremony of a new gang member in their rash rider's club. What I realized after hearing was that their rash riding antics were more than rash riding.

They were well-treated and well rehearsed actions which each member had to perfect and coordinate with the other member's action while they kept safety as the most sacred thing in the entire training and practice session.

This really impressed me and I decided to follow their activity just out of curiosity. These kids practiced their moves and worked very hard in their practice ground, which was abandoned parking lot. For a mere show which would last for just under five minutes on the road around the shopping mall took them to perfect in about two weeks with the new member onboard.

There were no drugs and no alcohol involved in the entire session of training. The gang leader very often warned his gang members of dire consequences of getting over confident of their abilities and risks involved in certain moves which some members suggested.

I really appreciate these boys now who I earlier considered rash and overly smart, but now I feel that they are a bunch of street smart boys who should be patronized for what they do to create an impression.


Source by Paul Kramer