Bicycles are with human beasts since more than 100 years. It has seen several reforms in terms of speed, design, utility and usability. People use bicycles for short distance commuting, children use bicycles to go to school, fitness enthusiasts use cycle for exercising, and one most important use of cycling is in sports like mountain biking, beach biking, and cycle races.

Beach Cruisers or Cruiser bikes are bikes with heavy duty frames and wide tires. Such bikes were introduced first in America, and it became very much popular. Their wide tires provided better balance and simple mechanicals ideally suited to riding on flat sandy beaches. These cycles became popular along people passing time on beaches during the 1960s and 1970s, that's why they are often known as Beach Cruisers.

Gary Fisher and Joe Breeze led the foundation of Mountain Bikes by adding superior brakes, and gears to them. build and sell custom mountain bikes to fellow enthusiasts, launching a worldwide cycling phenomenon. They started building and selling custom mountain bikes to mountain cycling enthusiasts, launching a worldwide cycling phenomenon.

Changing Mood Of People

Human mind is always dependent on fashion and trends. The trend of riding a cruise bike became very much popular in America, and Europe, not only among mountain riders, and beach bikers but also general public. Middle aged people who have the money and purchasing power and who were less interested in owning a faster motor bike, due to their lost passion after an age, started to like these modern day multipurpose cruisers. The benefits were endless; these cruisers provided enough speed to commute from one place to another, proper driving comfort, powerful breaks and gears to make your driving experience easy. Another addition in this list was no polluting emissions like other motorbikes, which made them more popular.

Beach biking also becomes a rage these days, due to fine cruise designs, better dynamics, and option to accommodate your whole body with proper comfort. One can easily experience the pleasure of beach cruising with a lovely cruise biker or a wonderful cycling cruise biking session.


Source by Marco Solis