Mr. Adriano Barbieri began his well known career as a bicycle mechanic. He loved his job, but soon grown weary of the constant repetition and back breaking work that it entailed. Happily Mr. Barbieri was a brilliant man who ingenuity and creativity broached about the invention of the world's first Chain Cleaner. It was a simple, yet sophisticated gadget that revolutionized the 1980's method of bike chain cleaning.

The intense success of this creation sparked his creativity even more and his brilliant mind began building yet another fine product that would advance the cycling industry. Late in the 80's Barbieri had another concept that stemmed from the need for riders to fill up their tires on the road, all the tire pumps on the market were way too cumbersome for comfort. He took the idea of ​​having a smaller one and made the world's first mini-pump, a design that is still used today throughout the market. There are even mini-pumps made with carbon fiber to make them even lighter, and sexier.

Another great product in the Barbieri PNK line are the multi-tools that every capable rider should not be without. Imagine this, you're cruisin 'along, no worries at all, wind in your hair, then unexpectedly your chain acts up. Fortunately if you have the Barbieri Carb 11 function tool, you can easily extract that broken link and replace it right there on the trail. A Barbieri tool saves the day!

Barbieri did not stop there, his multi tools come with so many different options you can get them all, or select from an important few, depending on which model you choose. They are such compact little multi-tools that you can smoothly store them in even the smallest of cycle bags, some will even fit in your pocket. We are sure that in the course of its lifetime, you will use each and every tool on even the Barbieri Multi-23. After all, who has not needed a chain extractor or a seat wrench somewhere along a sunny Summer ride.

In addition to the multi tools, Barbieri also makes a useful mack daddy tool kit for your repairing needs. The Barbieri full sized tool kits will help you get the job done in the shop without having to search for the right tool in your standard car tool kit because these tool kits are made for bicycles so the right tool is right there, all organized in a handy "always be prepared" hard shelled carrying case for quick, and hopefully easy repairs.

Barbieri PNK has supplied the cycling industry with several advances as well as many useful tools to keep us cycling, but the top thing of all about Barbieri products is that they are all made in Italy, not China, so you know you can have faith in the quality and functionality of the entire Barbieri line.

Through the past years Mr. Barbieri, along with his children Kalman and Nadia have taken Barbieri PNK to all new heights of advancement with the addition of multi-tools, double function pocket pumps and other cycling accessories. They've continued all through the years to file worldwide patents and expand their distribution so all parts of this vast world of ours can benefit from the ingenious nature of Mr. Adriano Barbieri.


Source by Rob J Poulton