As spring and summer approach, there will be more and more cars on the road, and more people riding bicycles. It is a great idea for bicyclists to have the proper lighting on their bicycles. Many people are out and about after dark enjoying the nice weather. Just as a car needs headlights, a bike really needs a headlight also! In many states, it is the law that bicyclists use a headlight from dusk to dawn.

There are great bicycle headlights on the market which have a bracket that attaches to the handlebars. There is a release on most bicycle safety lights so you can easily remove the headlight when it is not being used. This way you, do not have to leave it on and risk having it stolen during the day, when you might have the bike locked to a bike stand in a public place.

These days, with the LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology being what it is, flashlights, bicycle headlights, and even other LED products, can be super bright. So with a battery operated, bright white LED bike headlight, you or your family members can be safe when out cycling at night or in the early morning hours. And, as I said earlier, it is the law in many areas that bicyclists have to illuminate headlight between dusk and dawn.

There are also great bike taillights on the market, which will cover you on the backside. These normally have a battery operated LED in a bright red. The taillights often have more than one function. They can be switched to a steady red light, or perhaps a flashing or blinking mode. Whatever the case, it is a great idea for the taillights, particularly if you are riding your bike on the side of the road where there will also be vehicular traffic. We were taught to walk against the traffic, so we could see the oncoming cars, but we were also instructed to ride a bicycle with the traffic, meaning that we go in the same direction of the cars, when riding a bike. For this reason, a bicycle taillight is especially important to have as a safety precaution! So, whether you are riding your bicycle for exercise, for transportation to get around town, or even just for fun, it's important to use good safety measures. Having a good pair of bicycle safety lights (a strong headlight and an effective taillight) on your bike is one of the best investment that you can make for your own safety and protection.


Source by ReShonda Young