Bike art is accomplished when creative artists transform everyday pieces of equipment into stunning and innovative works of pure genius. They have the capacity to see bike parts with a completely different perspective than most of us.

Listed here are some of the World's leading contemporary artists who with patience and diligence transform chains, links, and recycled bikes into amazing design structures and functional pieces of art.

Seo Young-Deok . A young Korean artist creates incredible sculptures from bicycle chains. Some of life-size sculptures have taken over a year to create. Each individual link has been welded by Seo Young Deok. Some of his collections are created of nude human form structures. His attention to detail is remarkable, although in metal he captures the curves and organic feel of the human form. Some of his pieces are 7.5 meters tall.

Caroline Fontoura Alzaga . Caro lives in Los Angeles, and works at discovering the hidden beauty in unwanted, discarded bikes and other objects. She is famous for her Connect collection. She creates traditional looking chandeliers with a contemporary feel, as they are created entirely form bicycle parts. She captures the luxury and decadence of glass with her strategic use of cascading metal links which form the chains of bicycles. Caro is will to barter her works in exchange for services or works of similar value. Therefore if you are captivated by her work but are not yet in a position to buy one, you can arrange a different way to exchange value.

Lewis Tardy . Lewis's sculptures blend scrap metal and bicycle parts in form the impression of a living moving object in static metal. Many times his inspiration is from an first piece of scrap metal which becomes the foundation of his creations.

Darren Greenhow. Creates unique and original designs from old bike parts and other pieces of scrap metal. Based in South Wales his creations are stunning, innovative, some of them have a touch of humor.They are guaranteed to make you smile. His designs are for both inside and outside.

Chris Cole. Chris creates stunning kinetic structures from bicycle parts, nuts bolts and other pieces of scrap metal. All of his sculptures are kinetic driven by either a motor or hand crank. Since he was young he has taken things apart and putting them back together in new and revolutionary ways. His sculptures represent birds, reptiles and aquatic life. They are a unique blend of industrial structures and organic plant like shapes.


Source by Dee G