Bike lights and road safety

Whether you are a keen cyclist or a newcomer you will probably already know about the importance of good bike lights for your cycle. It is a certainty that road safety should be of paramount importance to you and the best way to ensure you stay safe on the roads is to understand the rules of the road; to be sensible, wear a helmet and have the best lights you can afford. LED bike lights are a popular choice with cyclists today due to the longevity of their battery life and the brightness of their beam, not to mention they are reliable as well as cheap to run.

It's not only during the dark evenings that they are an important safety factor; they can also improve visibility in the pouring rain, fog and in those misty winter evenings. Not only will lights help in these situations but wearing reflective clothing at all times will help other traffic to spot you. With such a variety of LED bike lights on offer today there is something to tailor everyone's needs and pockets.

Bike lights and the law

Bike lights are a legal requirement and care should be taken in choosing the best available for your bike. It is illegal and extremely dangerous to ride without lights and if you are found to be doing so you could receive a hefty fine, not to mention the fact that you may be endangering the lives of yourself and others. The following requirements should be carefully considered at all times:

• A white front light should always be present

• A red rear light is equally important

• A red rear reflector

• Amber reflectors on the front and back of each pedal

You can also add more lights and reflectors which will maximize your visibility especially in poor light or bad weather. The more visible that you can make yourself and your bike, the better chance you have of staying safe.

Choosing the right lights

Make sure that you do some research to ensure that you choose the best LED bike lights . Your cycling habits will determine which lights are the best for you. Sets generally come complete with batteries, leads and covers as well as chargers. Some sets also include helmet mounts so that directional light is an extra option for the rider. Make yourself as visible as possible and you will enjoy a safe ride.


Source by Kelly Elmore