Many people find it really pleasurable to go out on bike rides. Not only is the practice very healthy but it is a good way to enjoy the outdoors; nothing beats riding your bike in the fresh air especially when you are not going against the wind. For all the fun that this can be it only takes interference like a tire puncture for all your enthusiasm to go away with the wind. As you venture outside with your bike it is always very nice to be prepared for little situations like punctures and so on. You need not carry an ankle bike repair shop with you; a pocket-sized bike kit may be all you require. The contents of such a kit are examined below.

The patch kit

A patch kit is really essential for any bike trip. The patch kit is ideally composed of stick patches which you place on the tiny punctures on your bike tube (s). Also contained here is the sticking adhesive. The wisdom behind carrying a patch kit is such that you never know how many punctures you may encounter on your way. Even with a new tube you do not know when the next puncture will strike.

A spare tube

Your bike kit will require the aforementioned spare tube as well. As has been observed, the spare tube and the patch kit really complement each other. You certainly can not say what you will require instead of the other – they all have to be present. For extremely rough terrain you might as well carry two spare tubes. Prior knowledge of how to fix that flat tire is a prerequisite for a biker.

The tire lever and water

Speaking of fixing flat tires, there is one tool that can not be left behind as well. This is the tire lever. Tire levers are essential in helping you pry between the tire and the rim such that the flat tube can be removed. Although water is not part of the bike kit, carrying some will be very helpful more so when riding into areas where you are not sure of getting any. The water in this case is not for drinking but rather to help you find the small puncture you need to patch up.

Tire pump

Having patched up your tube and replaced it under the tire you will need to get it inflated. Some bikes do come with pumps that are transported on the framework. Apart from conventional bike pumps one can also buy CO2 cartridges. These take the form of miniature pressurized gas cylinders that are battery operated. They deliver bursts of carbon dioxide into the tube and require some prior practice lest you rip up your tube on the trail.

A Multi-tool gadget

Last but not least, a multi-tool gadget is another integral piece of the bike kit. On the multi-tool are important tools like Allen keys, screw drivers, scissors, tiny files, and a chain tool amongst others.


Source by Samuel Muriithi