It is hard to ignore the sting of gas prices on our wallets nowdays, and many of us are hard pressed to find alternatives for traveling from point A to B. Not too many people are thrilled about the idea of ​​running back and forth halfway across the city ​​to do some simple errands but with a bicycle, you may find that not only is it a very green, inexpensive way of getting your chores done, it's also got the extra bonus of giving you some great exercise.

There are a world of options as far as bicycles go. Most will find that a cheap bike will fulfill their needs, just fine. Road bikes are specifically made for traveling greater distances than something for a BMX bike. It does not mean that you should discount it entirely. By taking the time to customize a road or BMX frame, you can extend the range of capabilities that it has to accommodate your tastes. If you are more intent on being a long distance road warrior, a road cycling frame would jump a BMX type, any day. The tougher, heavier BMX frame is more suited to stunt riding, which may give you a bit of distraction between destinations!

Cheap road bikes will often be more functional for the general public, as it is simple, and crafted for the purpose of traveling. Do remember that regardless of your choice, have it measured to your specific height. This will not only enhance the comfort and fit of your ride, but also help to make it more your own After some time, purchasing aftermarket parts to further better the overall performance of your bicycle may increase your enthusiasm for riding and encouraging you to expand on your affinity for the sport.


Source by Marc Josef Cabanig