BMX freestyle is a type of biking motorcross sport. It first appeared during the 1960s and it has been running strong ever since. This sport is characterized by its tricks. For example base tricks including the bunnyhop, fakie, wallride and catwalk, as well as grind tricks like feeble grind and levitation make freestyle BMXing fun to watch and exciting to perform.

If you are looking for a men's BMX Freestyle bike, then you may be interested in the Mongoose Override Freestyle BMX Bike. This bike includes 20 inch wheels, U-brakes, freestyle pegs and a frame made from high tension steel. This bike is designed for riders interested in ramp tricks and flatland riding.

If you are looking for a boy's BMX Freestyle bicycle, then you may want to take a look at the Magna 20 inch Boost Freestyle BMX Bike. This bike has an aluminum frame that is designed to stand up against falls and trick maneuvers, 20 inch wheels, a full rotor and cable set and caliper brakes. This bike also offers both front and rear trick pegs.

A third option that you have is the Micargi Explorer BMX Freestyle Bike. This bike also has 20 inch wheels and a steel frame. Its braking system is composed of alloy U-type brakes. This bike comes in several color combinations including blue and silver, burgundy and silver, black and silver and the ever popular chrome.

When shopping for a BMX freestyle bike make sure you buy one that will fit its rider. The height and weight of the rider are the first things you will want to look at. The height of the bike needs to be just tall enough so that the rider's feet can touch the ground. The add-ons and features that the bike has should also be taken into consideration. Select a bike that is designed for the type of freestyle riding the bike's owner wants to do.


Source by Sarah Freeland