BMZ’s E-Bike Super Batteries with 3Tron Cells Coming

Germany – BMZ is the first company to put a battery on the e-bike market that holds 3Tron cells. According to BMZ, “this battery comes with 3Tron super-strong 21700 cells providing e-bikes more power and an extended range.”E-Bike Super Batteries
Service life of up to 12 years

3Tron represents the latest cell technology. By cooperating with one of the world’s leading cell manufacturers, BMZ sets standards in terms of quality. Due to its higher energy content, the battery cell will be exposed to fewer charging cycles and generates less heat. As a result, the 3Tron has a longer service life of up to twelve years.E-Bike Super Batteries
BMZ repair service
for e-bikes

As a special service, BMZ offers a repair service of the BMZ Drive Systems to bike dealers. If a battery is defective, customers have the advantage to get it repaired by BMZ for a small amount and thus save several hundred euros for a new purchase. This service ensures cus-tomer loyalty and builds trust.E-Bike Super Batteries

BMZ sets the trend for e-bikes
Highly specialised engineers develop customer-specific innovations for e-bikes. BMZ Drive Systems offer various solutions for batteries that are integrated in the e-bike frame. Based in the southern part of Ger-many, BMZ Group is Europe’s leading producer of lithium-ion batteries.E-Bike Super Batteries