There are a lot of electric and hybrid cars out there, and consumers have many different options at their disposal. They come in different shapes and sizes, and car makers are starting to pay more attention to the exterior design of electric vehicles, as well. So now, not only that electric vehicles are good for the environment, but they also look good. But, that has not been the case with motorcycles. There have only been few attempts at making good all-electric motorcycles, and not a lot of them have been successful. Only a handful of companies have launched production electric motorcycles so far, including Zero Motorcycles, Vectrix, Yamaha, and Brammo. The models that have had the best commercial success are the Zero X, the Zero S, the Brammo Empulse, and the Brammo Enertia.

Brammo Inc. is one of those companies that only make electric vehicles. It has its headquarters in Ashland, Oregon, where it was founded in 2002. They produce electric vehicle drivetrains, electric motorcycles, and electric cars. The first project that Brammo did was the Enertia GT, introduced in 2004, which was a sports car, powered by an electric motor. They have since made a few more electric cars, but in 2009, they unveiled their first electric motorcycle. It's the Brammo Enertia, which is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery, and has a single speed direct chain drive. It has a 60 mph top speed, along with 30 lb-ft of torque and 13 horsepower. It features a monocoque body made of aluminum, and several parts of the bike are made of recycled materials. This model was followed by Enertia Plus, which went on sale in 2011, that provides 80 miles per one charge, and it can be fully charged in only 6 hours.

Unlike these two motorcycles, that are environmentally-friendly, but are not high-performance bikes, the latest models that Brammo have made are very good competitors to some of the best sports bikes in the world. So, the Brammo Empulse is a huge improvement over the Enertia and Enertia Plus. It has a top speed of 100 mph, and it can travel over 100 miles on one charge. But, it only has 54 horsepower and 46 lb-ft of torque, so Brammo has to make some improvements in that area. It has a lithium-ion battery pack, a 6-speed gearbox, and there is an LCD display, which shows information about the energy consumption, estimated range, and battery status.

So, it looks like Brammo Inc. is serious about becoming a leader in the e-motorcycles and bicycle hybrids market, which should not be too difficult to do, as the competition is not too strong at the moment.


Source by Jordan Perch