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Schematic more or less:
But if you are serious about it, I would recommend the VESC project instead:
Great BLDC animation:

All electric vehicles are awesome. But I can afford neither Tesla, nor Boosted Board, so for the time being I have to be content with an electric bicycle. Or do I? This Chinese iMortor is made very nicely and it can easily handle more power than the original driver delivers. So I make my own Arduino-based BLDC driver with beefy MOSFETs and a horribly dangerous 18650 pack. The result is promising, but there was no time for a neat and tidy installation …

Some were offended by the ‘oriental riff’. Apparently we live in a time where such things have to be explained: It was meant to be affectionate teasing. As you can see in many of my videos I always appreciate the Chinese and their smart engineering.