For many, off the shelf bikes just won’t cut it and a custom bike is the only way to go. For years, the idea of having a custom bike was out of the range of most budgets and most custom motorcycle kits were poor quality. However with the rise in interest in customized choppers, the custom motor cycle kit has become a great option for those who won’t settle for any thing but a custom bike but either can’t afford a Jessie James or desire a more intimate connection with their bike.

Choosing the overall style

The chassis is what truly sets the overall style of the bike. When searching for a custom motorcycle kit, focus on the shape and design of the chassis to find one that fits your style. Try not to let the paint designs on the photos sway your decision on chassis style as the paint can be completely customized later.

Customizing details

With a custom bike kit you don’t need to settle for a mass-produced shelf option, you can build a chopper that is completely unique to any other bike. There are literally thousands of nuts and bolts and hoses and tubes that come with a custom bike kit, giving you the very important base design of the bike. Items like mirrors, foot pegs, gas caps, etc can be purchased individually to create a completely custom flair.

Weighing the cost

The cost of a motorcycle can be valued in dollars or time. For some people, money is less of a problem than time and others have the opposite dilemma. Still others may have the funds to purchase a customized bike from a bike builder, but would rather build their machine themselves for the experience and to understand every aspect of its design and inner workings.

Repair and maintenance

Because you’ll have an intimate knowledge of the bike’s design and function with a customized motorcycle kit, future repair and maintenance won’t be a costly issue. When something isn’t working correctly, you’ll know how to troubleshoot the problem and if something needs to be replaced, you’ll know exactly how to do it. When you build your chopper from the ground up with a custom motorcycle kit, there is no need to depend on any costly repair shop.

Today, custom built motorcycles reign supreme on the road. A custom motorcycle kit is the perfect way to get all of the essentials you need to build your bike and then customize it with a slick paint job and unique chrome accessories. Unless you’ve got more money than time and aren’t interested in the craft of bike building, a custom motorcycle kit is the way to go for building a custom bike.


Source by Christine Harrell