Building one’s own skateboard ramp means that there will be no problems looking for a place to skate. This article explains a simple and basic guide to build one’s own skateboard ramp.

Materials Needed

– A piece of plywood measuring 600mm x 1200mm and 12mm thick

– A second plywood piece measuring 970mm x 600mm and 6mm thick

– 3 pieces of timber measuring 45mm x 35mm x 576mm

Tools Needed

– Electric saw

– Drill

– Glue

– Screws and nails

– Electric plane


Cutting the wood – The 12mm plywood should be cut into two right angled triangles of same size. The measurement of the triangle base is supposed to be 900mm and the height should be 300mm. The sides of the ramp will be formed by these two triangles.

The frame – For creating the frame, a piece of framing timber is needed and it has to be shaped with a plane for giving it the same angle as the top edge of the triangles. After this, the piece of timber should be nailed one by one to both sides of the triangles, it has to be ensured that every edge is now flush. Now, another piece of timber has to be placed at the lower right angle edge and it has to be nailed into place. The third piece of timber must be placed in the middle of the triangle and it also has to be tightly nailed into place. When nailing, only one nail has to be initially used. When both pieces are surely square and flat, they have to be nailed in more tightly into a permanent position.

Nailing it down – A piece of plywood has to be cut out from the leftover piece. An electric plane should be used to line one edge to a similar angle as the pointed end of the ramp. This has to be glued into the right place and then it has to be tightly nailed down. The nails will act to hold the pieces in position while the glue will be drying, nails or screws should not be used as the plywood may split. The plywood is supposed to be placed on above the frame and in line with top and the two sides.

This was the basic and simple procedure for building a skateboard ramp.


Source by Tauqeer Ul Hassan