Buying a pre-built skateboard usually means that you are buying the deck you want with cheap parts. There are complete skateboards that you can buy with quality wheels, trucks, etc. but you should expect to pay around $ 120 to $ 150. The ones sold at toy stores or big box stores should be avoided at all costs. Not only are they prone to breaking rather easily, but they can be difficult (even unsafe) to ride. If you want to buy a skateboard that uses quality parts and has a more reasonable (not cheap) price tag your best bet is to buy each part individually and put the skateboard together yourself. You can find great deals online for all of the parts you need. Luckily, putting a skateboard together at home can be done with tools you most likely have in your garage. Problems arise when you realize you forgot to buy all of the parts for your skateboard. Nothing can be worse than having the deck of your dreams sitting on a work bench with the wheels and trucks lying next to it because you forgot to buy risers or mounting hardware. The parts you will need to get up and riding your new skateboard are:

  1. A Deck – This is the actual board. Pick one that matches your style and your size (smaller boards for shorter riders).
  2. Wheels – Wheels are measured by size (diameter measured in millimeters) and the hardness of the wheel (using the a-scale where the higher the number the harder the wheel).
  3. Bearings – These make the wheels roll smoothly. They are measured by the ABEC rating scale of 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. Skateboarders should stick with a 3, 5, or 7.
  4. Trucks – This serves as the axel component of your skateboard. These come in various sizes and heights. Make sure that you buy the right sized trucks for your skateboard.
  5. Risers – These are the plastic pieces that go between the deck and the trucks. Make sure that you buy risers that fit your trucks.
  6. Hardware – Nuts, bolts, and screws needed to put everything together.
  7. Grip Tape – This is the wallpaper like material that goes on the top of your deck so your feet do not slip off when you ride. One sheet should be enough to cover your board.

Once everything arrives, put your new skateboard together and get riding!

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Source by Jeff Thomasson