The Butchers & Bicycles MK1-E is a top of the line, tadpole style cargo trike powered by the Bosch Performance mid-drive motor and an 11 speed SRAM drivetrain, optional NuVinci N360 or Harmony continuously variable transmission with Gates Carbon belt drive. The bike leans side to side so you can corner faster and avoid the two-wheel tipping experience of most other electric trikes, built in spring suspension and larger rear wheel cushion driver and cargo, puncture resistant tires reduce maintenance. Lots of cool options for the cargo box (clear cover for kids, bench seats with three-point seatbelts, infant carrier or a flat rain fly with snaps, clever cup holder “glove box” area near the handlebars locks and serves as a cover for the battery. Optional Supernova integrated lights that point where you steer, two color choices, brilliant front door system for easier loading of cargo, kids or pets (so you don’t have to lift so high), the bike is cool but expensive and heavy.