First off it should be stated that skate shops do sell more than just skateboards. In fact if you have a young child who is getting into skating it's a really cool type of shop to visit with them. And a great place to buy gifts for that little skater too!

Most of the products offered in skate shops can be used by both girls and boys, although boys do tend to be the predominant skateboarders. You would be surprised at how many items are sold in a skate shop; it's not as simple as it used to be.

Not only do these shops carry clothes for both genders, but they have jeans, shirts, hats, shoes and many other products too. Different colors and styles are available, and most of them come with the brand name of a company that makes products for skaters, or the name of one of the manufacturer's sponsored skaters.

These items include backpacks, jewelry and many more things. Some of the brand names you may have heard of your young skater talk about include "Element", "Etnies", "DC" and "Zoo York". These are just a very few; there are many more brands to be found on skate clothing and equipment in these skate shops.

It's not just about the brand names though, it's also the "look". Skaters have a certain style and your young skater will almost certainly want to come across that way too and be identified as part of the skating sub-culture.

There are skate shoes from the above mentioned brand names and more. These skate shoes are much better for a skater to wear. Ask your skater boy what the difference is and he will probably tell you that they are flatter and grippier on the bottom than tennis shoes to get more transaction on the grip tape stuck to the top of all skateboards.

The sport of skating is really fantastic to watch. The skill level of some of these kids is totally inspiring. It is a way of life for some, and if you turn on one of those programs and watch it you can tell. Kids love to wear what they see famous skaters sporting at these events. So if you're trying to think of an idea for your child, just watch one of those shows and look for something he or she does not already have.

Even though they are a specialty type of shop, skate shops still have really good sales at times. You will not always need to spend a bunch of money either. The shirts that you find in most stores cost around the same as other department stores.

And naturally skate shops do carry skateboards. But these are not the same as they used to be. To get one custom made you are looking at around $ 150. Yes, then you will definitely be spending some serious money!


Source by Daren Wincup