You guys wanted to know more about the electric scooter so here’s my review, hope you will enjoy! Get it here: and don’t forget to use this coupone code: CF6600

This is my review of the “Carbon Fiber 6600mAh Folding Electric Scooter”. It arrived in a huge box, and was pretty well packaged, but what surprised me was how quick I got it going. I put on the hand grips and charged the battery, that’s was it!

It has a great quick folding mechanism, simply pull a lever and the whole thing folds up very nicely. One thing that wasn’t so nice was the charger, it takes 4-5 hours to fully charge the battery, and that gives you about 11-12km (7mi) of range.

There’s no belt, chain or gears, the hub motor is great in many ways but power ain’t one of them. It does feel a bit “weak”, the top speed is 25km/h (15.5 mph). The scooter is pretty much waterproof, I’ve been driving it multiple times in pouring rain and deep puddles.

The shock absorb system worked very well and removes a lot of vibrations when driving on rough terrain. You also have 2 different brakes, one in the back and an electromagnetic brake inside the hub motor. The onboard display gives you real-time data of your battery life (voltage) and speed.

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