June 2017

EN14619 Safety requirements and test methods for pulleys – ELECTRIC Scooters

EN14619 Safety requirements and test methods for pulleys - Scooters EN14619   EU standards for countries to enforce the standard, the latest version 2005/6 The EU Standards Committee includes the following countries: Austria Belgium Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Norway Poland

September 2015

Bafang 1000W Max Ultra Torque Sensing Mid Drive electric bike manufacturers

electric bike manufacturers Although last time I was in LA I swore I was never ever going back, here I am again at the Lunacycle HQ spending several hours a day sitting in traffic. How do people live like this? No wonder ebikes are so popular here in Southern California. People can get an ebike

3 Seniors who Regained their Health with bikes electric assist bicycles

electric assist bicycles Here are 3 case studies of seniors who have come back from illness by exercising on electric assist bicycles. The challenges they faced included multiple heart attacks, cancer, neurological problems, and stroke. But they didn’t let that stop them – they got out there on electric  bicycles, and they kept

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