I took a look at the California Eco-Bike store in Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

This is a sister company of CDRKING and you’ll find the same bikes in some of the larger CDRKING stores.

With ebikes becoming more popular in Manila and the provinces of Philippines, it’s nice to see someone offering them at a good price. Many other sellers are offering the same bikes at much higher prices.

At the time of shooting this video, all the bikes use hub drive motors which range from 350 watts to 450 watts for most bikes and then a few with larger 500 or 800 watt motors. All the bikes use lead-acid batteries which helps keep the cost down but adds a lot of weight.

Unfortunately they phased out the ‘bicycle’ style ebikes like the Glendale and Pasadena and are favoring the larger moped/scooter style bikes.

All of the bikes have front and rear LED lights and of course come with a key to operate the bike. They include speed and battery indicators which are useful to estimate your remaining range.

The bikes are advertised with speeds of 35-45KPH and ranges of around 50km. But of course this speed and range depends on how flat the road is and whether you help the bike by pedalling at the same time. The cost of charging the battery is 7-10 peso which makes them very cost efficient.

If you have any questions about their bikes or stock availability, don’t bother emailing them or completing their contact forms. CDRKING don’t reply to emails. Either catch one of their staff on YM or go straight to the store.

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