The typical motor scooter manual urges one with: "Please replace the oil and keep the usage too long" which probably means that frequent oil changes are likely to improve the longevity of your scooter's engine.

Your new and probably inexpensive scooter will be ready to drive if you purchase from a dealer, or, if shipped, may arrive assembled, or require some actual labor to assemble. The assembly process of a scooter usually takes a couple hours with at least two people.

When you receive your scooter we recommend that you change the oil right away. The oil which is generally supplied with new scooters is more often than not of low quality. Your direct feel for your scooter and the state of its motor are likely to be far more pervasive than for your car; you can usually tell when it is running well or just just by feel. You should treat yourself and your scooter by immediately replacing its oil with a high quality synthetic brand of oil. Synthetic 10/40 is a good recommendation, but be sure to always use the weight that has been recommended by the manufacturer. Also, use high quality gas, if possible not just premium, but gas of a better brand. With a little research we have found that Shell or Chevron are typically the highest quality. There is only a slight difference in price which will be so insignificant to you because your scooter tank only holds about 1-1 1/2 gallons, and your scooter's performance differential will be so dramatic.

Change your scooter's oil repeatedly. Most motor scooters official instructions state: first oil change should be done after 300 Km and then every 1000 Km thereafter. Most instruction manuals are referring to kilometers. Most American drivers do not and are not used to changing their vehicle's oil every 625 miles but your scooter's engine is a very small engine and it will run hot, so it is worth the extra bother and expense!

Changing your motor scooter's oil can be a bit tricky. The drain plug underneath your scooter, when unscrewed will release a stream of oil; together with your spring and your filter screen that will extend down into the helical spring from the top. Be sure not to lose them, and make sure and put them back as they were.

The oil fill is always located the right side of your scooter's engine and is very accessible to be poured into without use of a funnel. A scooter will take less than a quarter, be sure to measure with the dipstick periodically while filling.


Source by Teresa Phillips