Obviously if you are going to buy a scooter, you must also look the part too. Therefore I suggest that you invest in some quality clothing in order to protect yourself not only against any accident such as a fall but also against the variety of elements that you may come up against. Let's not forget also the important factor of looking good! A must have is a helmet, do not worry, they are a lot more fashionable then they used to be, other than that you can go for leathers if you wish but this depends on the weather.

No one would wish to be sweltering hot and looking hot and bothered while riding their scooter through the city, so in these cases, shorts and t-shirt will suffice. I love to wear gloves no matter the weather but again this is entirely up to you. When first buying a scooter, I believe that you should start out cheap. Not only because you are more likely to have silly accidents when you first start riding a scooter but also because actually the cheaper the scooter is, the cheaper it is to run. Plus it is heartbreaking when you buy an expensive scooter as your first ride and then you scratch it; believe me it is better to start off small and cheap!

Also please do keep into account that your costs will also go up with the size of the scooter engine. The larger the engine for your scooter, the more pricey the parts are going to be. You should always aim to keep your scooter in tip top shape with a range of replaceable parts, which means that you should keep an eye on how much you are spending on a cheap scooter before upgrading to a more expensive one, you may be shocked at the increase in cost to yourself. The costs to you can vary depending on whether you wish to purchase an electric scooter or a gas scooter as well, obviously with gas you have to keep topping up whereas with the electric scooters you can just recharge the battery.


Source by Laura Brewerton