My son wanted to start Skateboarding so we decided that we would go to the local skateboard shop and buy him a Skateboard. When I went to the shop there were over 100 skateboard decks hanging on the wall! They all had different designs and they were so cool. I started talking to the guy that worked there and said "so do we just pick anyone?" He said "well it depends." "How tall is your son?" and "what size is your shoe?" "How long have you been skating?" and what kind of a skater is he? "I gave him my son's height, and shoe size and explained that he is just starting out and would be skating street and park. explained that there are recommended sizes by height and also by the size of your foot, and also it depends on the type of skateboarding you will be doing. size Skateboard Deck for you.

This chart is based on beginner and intermediate skaters.

Height = Deck Size

Under 4 '= 29 "Deck or smaller

4 '- 4'10 "= 29" – 30 "Deck

4'10 "- 5'3" = 30.5 "- 31.5" Deck

5'3 "- 5'8" = 31.5 "- 32" Deck

5'8 "- 6'1" = 32 "- 32.5" Deck

Over 6'1 "= 32.4" Deck and up

The width of the skateboard will depend on your foot size. The common size is between 7.5 "to 8" Width.

Most Skate Park riders will use a wider board around 8 "and most street riders will go more narrow around 7.5" width for tricks.


Source by Kelly A Craig