If you want to have a dream chopper, then you should consider to build your own chopper kit. Chopper kits are called a bike in a box. Kits make it possible to build a dream bike by yourself without having inside technical knowledge and machine park. It is easier to build your own kit bike rather than build a chopper from scratch. It saves you money and all parts will fit perfectly together, most of the time.

There is just little difference between custom choppers and chopper kits. Because the variety of kits, the kit you will select is already unique by itself. There are people telling you that a chopper kit is not a real custom chopper. It's already pre-designed. But the fact is that on a custom chopper most of the time parts from other manufacturers are used. Does this mean that custom choppers do not exist? A kit is just a great base to start and develop your own chopper from. There are big and small chopper builders, but even the ones you see regularly on television use parts from other companies.

All you need is a basic understanding of the mechanics behind choppers and it's good when you are handy with tools. There are very useful dvds and books on the market which could help you with building your kit. Most of the times extensive manuals and dvds are provided when you will buy a kit. The most experienced builders sometimes despairs at the mid-way point of building such a complicated machine. It's useful when you have a guide, even when it's in paper format, which could help you.

Chopper kits come with an inventory list that enables you to make sure that all of the chopper parts are in the package. Putting all the parts together will be time consuming. Depending on your building and mechanic skills, it will take you at least 80 hours to put a kit together. Also think about the paint. This will also take a couple of weeks to have a perfect paint finish on your chopper.

You could start with the engine to assembling it on your bike or start with the steering unit of the chopper. But be aware to follow the provided directions to avoid trouble later on in the project. Take your time with the assembly and ask help from an expert when needed. Assemble everything at a normal pace and patience. You will get in depth knowledge of your kit. When something happens with your bike on the road, you will know your way around the chopper.

It's a great experience to create your own chopper with a kit. Your friends will admire you about your new unique chopper and you will have fun with it for years. Do you want more information, just look at the Chopper Kits Blog .


Source by Michel Pluym