One of the most original ways to move around is via bicycle. In 1818, Baron Von Sauer Bronn invented the first type of bicycle. Today, the modern marvel continues to serve purpose and is considered a valuable accommodation.

Unlike the automobile, bicycles do not produce any harmful toxins into the atmosphere. Pierre and Ernest Michaux were the first to develop the pedal and cranks for the bicycle in the year 1861. Thanks to their attributes, the bicycle not only delivers swift transportation, it also gives the rider a healthy exercise.

Throughout various parts of the world the bicycle is being chosen over driving. Even now some US citizens are beginning to consider taking their bikes to work. The bicycle lane is also being implemented in more cities and states. Hopefully we will start to see an uprising in bicycle riders as overpopulation and pollution continue to overpower the earth.

What the bicycle has to offer is an option better than running, as healthy as a jog and more efficient than driving. The transition may not be a smooth one and may prove out to seem impossible for those operating on a busy schedule. Neverheless, bikes are cheap and easy to repair. The rate of pollution and destruction is at an all time high. Most of the daily pollutants come from automobiles. Hybrid cars do help tremendously but the percentage of inefficient vehicles still takes the majority. Hopefully as a race we will all begin to seek after more environmentally friendly options such as bicycles to secure our old planet.


Source by Christian Williams