Beautiful people need exercise too. It is rightly said Healthy wealthy and wise all are interrelated and complementary to each other. To work hard and to fight with the turmoil difficulties, a healthy body is required. It is in healthy body where proper mind dwells. In today's world where people are surrounded by so many diseases to keep fit is an essential quality. Exercise is must. It is through proper exercise that we can keep our body fit and to fight with odd circumstances.

With proper diet exercise should be part of daily routine. Although it is not possible everyday but at least cycling can be done for half an hour daily. It is cycling alone can help to keep the body fit and fine. Cycling is an overall exercise which keeps the body toned. Through cycling we can actually keep ourselves fit.

In many developing countries people started commuting to their offices by cycles. It is not a matter of shame or sign of poverty. It is actually part of body exercise and keeping the environment pollution free. The emission of harmful gases which comes out of heavy vehiclesarms and pollutants the environment. Most of them are poisonous for human being. It's a big cause of global warming. So, by riding cycle twin purposes are served. Cycling can be taken as sport and as hobby. If, people ride cycles as sport it gives them pleasure. Many cycling competitions are held which actually did for exercise, or to collect fund for noble cause.

Whatever may be the cause for cycling wherever sport or hobby the actual purpose is to keep body fit and healthy from all aspects. Even if we take it as hobby then also people will ride cycle which gives them pleasure as well as time to keep fit. It is very difficult for men to spend some time for their well being and workouts on a regular basis. Nowadays people are more busy in making money, so if they ride cycle also for their own enjoyment it gives some time to them for relaxing after long hours of working, because in beautiful body resides beautiful mind.


Source by Marco Solis