There is definitely an art to dirt bike jumping and the great thing for you if you're not very good at it is that it can be learned. Like anything that requires skill to execute, it takes practice and even mistakes – which unfortunately in this sport can lead to injuries.

There are many different techniques to dirt bike jumping but I will only touch on some basic tips here.

  • Before you go hurling yourself over any jump you need to know what is on the other side. This may sound stupid but ask most riders and they will tell you they've done this at least once where they've crashed as a result of not checking out the landing. Ride around it or even walk over the jump first. You can do a couple of practice lead-ups without actually jumping to get an idea for speed and to build your confidence.
  • Start off small and build up to larger jumps as you improve and master each size jump.
  • Keep your body centralized over the bike with your head over the handlebars if the up-ramp is quite steep.
  • Approach the jump at a steady speed. It's better to give it a little acceleration while hitting the ramp but nothing too aggressive. You definitely do not want to back off the throttle while launching up the ramp. This will send you over the bars.
  • As you begin jumping higher learn to pull the clutch in and tap the rear brake to balance the bike out in the air. This will pull the front wheel down. Likewise if you rev ​​the bike up and spin the rear wheel around really fast, this will lift the front end up. Learning how to do this properly will give you great control over your bike.
  • Accelerate just before your wheel wheel touches down. This will drive you safely out of the landing in a direction direction and it also stiffens up the suspension making for a more forgiving landing especially when going big.

When you're at a track observe the good riders and do not be afraid to ask them for voters. Most of them will be stoked that you're asking them for their advice. Jumping a dirt bike is an amazing feeling but it can also go horribly wrong! Progress at your own pace and build up your confidence jump by jump. If you push it too hard too quickly chances are you'll take a nasty fall and dent your confidence which will only slow you down or stop you all together.

Oh yea .. and have fun!


Source by Hayden T Brown