What do you do when the problem with you dirt bike is not covered in the manual. Bolts break, screws threads strip, bearing get stuck, shafts do not fit, and gasket / seals leak. Now you need to know what to do. Tips from a mechanic with 30+ years experience. This guide will cover the three common problems that occur when maintaining or repairing your bike. I'll show you how the repair / replace broken bolts and stripped screws. Repair the stuck bearing, bearing fit too loose or too tight. What to do I do when the brand new gasket / seal is leaking. There are many methods you can use to get these problems repaired with your bike.

Let's do one tip for today for removing broken bolts, especially when the bolt available is too short to get a good grip on with the vise grips. Use a hammer and a punch to tap the bolt around in a circle, remember righty tighty, lefty loosey. This method works great if you get lucky and the bolt breaks at an angle so you have a surface to hammer on.

There are lots of other methods you can use to remove broken bolts, or stripped screws. One of the key things to know is which ones to try, and will have the best chance for success. One thing will help you decide, experience. I have the experience. Try my methods and use my experience to help you be successful. Let's get together and get you back on the bike.


Source by Allen Gnuschke