You have probably seen by now some of the electric assisted bikes that are becoming more common around town. People who like to cycle to work in order to save money and indeed help to save the environment are fast becoming attracted to the use of electric bikes. Electric bicycles are increasingly available these days in cycle shops and even the larger more general stores, even making your own own bicycle into an electric one is an environmentally friendly option and now made easier with DIY electric bike kits. Why pay out several hundred thousand even thousands of dollars for a new electric bike when actually you can convert almost any bike into an electric assisted one.

These days there are various DIY electric bike conversion kits and packs available. Having that extra power boost from an electric motor can give you the additional pedal power when you come up against those steep hills you hate so much or when you are having to fight against the wind and hard rain as is often the case in winter. Converting your bike using one of these electric bike conversion kits is great fun and very rewarding when finished. These bike kits to convert your standard everyday bicycle are straight forward to install and do not need you to have much technical skill or tools. In fact they are a lot less hard to do than your normal DIY flat pack computer desk or cupboard to assemble.

There are a few slight variations on the kits depending which manufacturer you go with. For many of the kits the only things that you need to do is take off the front wheel, and put on the new front wheel with hub, and fit a switch and the power supply which is a battery pack. The battery pack is rechargeable and can usually be put in the front basket or behind the saddle or with some kits The motor is fixed to the back wheel and the battery packs are similar to how saddle bags sometimes are .

So these conversion kits certainly are a good invention and could save you a lot of money instead of buying a brand new bike complete and ready made with electric power. So whether you need a bit of help with pedaling up those hills or maybe you want an environmentally friendly option to commute to work instead of using the car, an electric bike and especially a DIY electric bike kit might be ideal for you.


Source by Dan V White