If your Harley is not running the way it should, it might be time to rebuild the carburetor. The fuel to run the Harley runs through the carburetor, mixing with the right amount of air, leaving sediment and particles behind gumming up the inner works of the carburetor. Once the particles are in the carburetor, the bike will not perform as it should. It will run sluggish and possibly not even start. A rebuild kit for the carburetor can be purchased at most motorcycle part supply stores. The process of rebuilding a carburetor is not too difficult. Keep the work area and the carburetor clean while rebuilding. Clean parts as they are removed and installed and repaired in the carburetor.

It is a good idea to get the things you will need in place before starting this project. The basic tools needed for rebuilding a carburetor are a screwdriver, the owners manual for your bike and the rebuild kit for your carburetor.

Remove the idle mixture screw. Count the turns it takes to remove the screw, make a note of how many turns it took. Check the throttle plate for wear. Check the plugs in the body of the carburetor for signs of leaking. If there are signs that they are leaking, replace the plugs. There should be no light showing when the carburetor is closed. Replace if necessary.

Clean the idle mixture screw and mark it with a marker just to the tapered part. Replace the screw by screwing it completely into the carburetor. Now remove the screw and check to see if any of the marker has been rubbed off. If it has, use the new idle mixture screw from the kit and discard the old one.

Remove the enrichment plunger nut and spring from the carburetor. Check the tip of the plunger for wear.

Take the screws out of the bowl of the carburetor. Do not remove the cap.

Remove the float pin screw. Locate and remove the float pin, float and needle. Replace if worn with the new parts in the rebuild kit.

Take the seat from the bottom of the carburetor bowl. Install the new seat that is in the rebuild kit.

Check the ejector nozzle for kinks or wear. Remove the old O-ring and install the new nozzle O-ring that is in the rebuild kit.

Clean and check the float for holes. Install a new needle. Place the entire unit back into the bowl. Move all the parts to be sure they move easily.

Turn the bowl over and take out the screws that held the cap in place. Take the balls and O-rings out of the casting.

Replace the ball checks, seats, spring and diaphragm with the new ones provided in the rebuild kit.

Replace the pump shaft and boot. Install the new bowl gasket and secure with the provided screws.

Reinstall the cables before bolting the carburetor back on the intake manifold.

Position the carburetor with the backing plate and breaker assembly and bolt back together.

Replace the idle screw, turning the same number of turns it took to take it out. Start the bike and check the cables. Adjust the idle screw, if necessary, for the proper idle. Take the bike for a test ride to insure all is running smooth.


Source by Katrina Oakley