Until I started riding the E Zip E750 electric scooter, I NEVER though I could fall in love with a mechanical device. I have owned it now for 21/2 months, which has given me enough time to really appreciate 4 main qualities.

* It Is Quiet

Unlike some gas powered scooters that I looked at, the E Zip E750 is amazingly quiet. It makes about as much noise as a golf cart. It features a motor that produces 750W of Power from a Alloy DC Earth Magnet Motor.

PLENTY of "pep", even going up hills!

* It Is Fun To Ride

The first time I twisted the hand grip accelerator, I felt like a 12 year old kid again. It has crisp and responsive acceleration. Once you get going, though, you have no problems stopping. It has excellent front disc brakes.

And did I mention how fast it can go? This baby scoots along at a robust top speed of 15 mph. I am retired, and our community has a recreation center about 2 miles from our home.

It only takes me about 5 minutes to make the trip, which is about the same as our car! And riding the scooter is MUCH more fun.

* It is Sturdy And Well Made

The first time I went over a bump, I could feel how solid this model is. It weighs a hefty 72 lbs, and has a Polymer Front Suspension and 12 inch, street slick tires. The deck is extra wide and has an abs resin, no slip surface.

The seat is easy to remove, and adjusts to the height of the rider. When you are all done riding, the folding handlebars make it convenient to store.


Source by Michael S Hutchins